Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Buy Research Chemicals

Research chemical update: Now available at www.purechemicals.co.uk
As well as this we are currently looking into some other chemicals, some of which we have listed below. Please feel free to email us with any and all feedback on this.


NOPAINE FREEBASE Ethylphenidate freebase. Smokable cocaine replacement that gives a dopamine rush similar to freebased cocaine.
NOPAINE HCL Ethylphenidate Hcl. Nasal or oral cocaine replacement that gives a dopamine rush similar to cocaine Hcl.
PI PANES 7 Ethyl-(S,S) 2,4 dimethyl azetadine. Tripping blotters impregnated with chemical that is 3.2 times stronger than LSD.
AMTHETAMINE SULPHATE 1(2-thienyl)2-aminopropane. Thienyl ring replacement of Amphetamine. Best Mephedrone replacement in Europe. .
XI Three different non neurotoxic chemicals, MDAI, MDMAI and MMAI.
XT Two different non neurotoxic chemicals, MDAT and MDMAT.
EUFORIA 5-Methyl-AET. 5-Methyl analog of the Class A Tryptamine.
METHAMTHETAMINE HCL N-methyl-1-thiophen-2-ylpropan-2-amine hydrochloride. Thienyl ring replaced Methamphetamine. Rush.